Due to the various activities on the farm and estate, there is a large energy demand throughout the year. To help reduce the impact on the land, the estate has invested in a number of renewable energy projects. These initiatives have reduced the reliance on fossil fuels, whilst also helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Continual monitoring is important to ensure improvements can be made as technology advances.

Key Projects

Dragon Heat Boiler
The first project was a straw boiler located at Rosemains Farm. As part of the district heating network the boiler supplied heat to the grain drier, farm buildings and provides low cost heating.

200 kw Hizomat Boiler
In 2015 a 200kw boiler was installed to heat Preston Hall, not only has this reduced fuel bills but also ensured that the house can be maintained at a constant temperature helping to preserve the fabric of the building.

995kw Hizomat Biofire
Our most recent project has been to replace the original farm boiler with a higher capacity, more efficient wood chip boiler, helping to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Preston Hall is keen to increase their green credentials and would be interested to hear of any new technologies or ideas to help achieve their sustainability aims. The estate continually monitors trends to ensure improvements can be made as new advances are made.