A large part of Preston Hall is covered in woodland. Some woods are many centuries old, whilst other areas have been planted more recently. The majority of the woodland consists of native broadleafs, such as oak, beach and ash, as well as small areas of commercial softwoods.

As part of the woodland management program over 30 acres of new woodland has been created, over 900 meters of new hedge rows planted, and good progress has been made in managing the mature woodlands. This proactive woodland management strategy has provided a steady supply of timber and has also greatly improved the wildlife habitat.

When felled the higher quality timber is usually sold for furniture making or used for building materials, whilst the poorer quality timber is dried and processed into firewood or woodchip, for use in the biomass boilers. Any surplus firewood and wood chip is sold locally.


250 Acres
of actively managed Woodland


Trees planted
over the past 10 years


900 Meters of new Hedgerows planted