Walled Garden


Preston Hall Walled Garden is a beautiful example of an 18th century walled garden.

Believed to have been built in 1806 just after the house was completed, it remained relatively untouched until it was remodelled by Cecelia Margaret Callander (CMC) in around 1885. The original garden was built to supply fruit and vegetables for the main house and the flower garden, which appears to be added at a later date, was created to supply flowers for the numerous high-profile guests that would stay with the family both at Preston Hall and their London property in Mayfair.

The most notable feature of the walled garden is the two gazebos. One gazebo is a staircase that leads up to a walkway and into to a small octagonal room in the second gazebo. This room was used by Cecelia to have afternoon tea whilst watching her gardeners hard at work. Behind the walls are two cottages. The closest cottage was the home of the Head Gardener and beyond this was the Garden Bothy. This was used as accommodation for the gardeners and it is soon to be converted into a holiday let cottage. At the peak of the garden’s life (in about the 1890’s) there were over 15 gardeners working. The garden continued to bloom until the 1970’s, when it became too expensive to maintain.

In November 2011, the Callander family received and knock at the door. Richard Edward had heard of the derelict walled garden and asked if he could see it. Looking for a restoration project, he soon made his mark and transformed the overgrown jungle into what can be seen today.

To this day the walled garden is the design and dedication of Richard. His hard work has created a magnificent garden that is available to hire for weddings and private functions. Over the last few years friends and family have all contributed to its upkeep to keep it in pristine condition for all to enjoy.


The Garden is available to visit over the summer months on a ‘By Appointment Only’ basis.
Please visit www.scotlandsgardens.org for further information.